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sheetrock and my placenta

Do you think the title of this post is some sort of cosmic first? I mean, have those words EVER been paired before? And so cavalierly? I guess maybe they have come accidentally stumbling from someone’s lips in a conversation I can’t really imagine? But typed out and previewed then published the whole interwebs to see, has it ever… Read more »


every evening

Alternately titled: How we aren’t getting it all done. I feel like our family has been running at full tilt since… since… wait, what day is it again? For a week last month DanO served his civic duty as a juror (except it looked less like juroring and more like waiting in a big room… Read more »


videos: the lazy blogger’s medium

Did I say  lazy? I meant pregnant. It’s hard to be qualified as lazy when you are, at any moment, participating in the creation of a human being, right? Right. (Now please go convince DanO of that.) For now, I’ll give you a little impromptu tour of our upstairs as it stood a few weeks ago. (Can… Read more »