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I love baby led weaning (BLW) O so much. If you haven’t read about how we’re doing solid foods with OBaby before, I introduced it here and then gave an update here. The basic premise is this: babies know when they are hungry and giving them control over solid food intake (as they are in… Read more »


a glutton for avocado

Baby led weaning is going spectacularly. We hit the one month mark of solids and our confidence started to waver that this way of feeding him was even going to work because he didn’t seem to actually be consuming much. He would gnaw a little and when a piece went in his mouth his facial… Read more »


solids and a (pretty) place to eat them

About a year ago now I was busy perusing the aisles of Babies R Us creating our baby registry (the idea of which I was fully morally opposed to at the beginning but ended up being a really good thing to have). I was overwhelmed by the amount of offensively primary colored baby holding apparatuses… Read more »