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doing Portland, baby style

We touched down in a sunny, 68° Portland, Oregon on Wednesday afternoon. It was so nice I could hardly stand it. Since we’re at the coast much of our time in state, we decided to stick around the city and do some browsing of the shops on 23rd while eating gelato with those cute little… Read more »


the thing about eight month olds

With all of OBaby’s awareness of and engagement in his environment lately has come something bitter-sweet: preference. Classic ‘give it to me, I want it now’ preference that he has learned how to articulate quite clearly. What’s that OBaby? You want Mommy to walk you up and down the aisle of the plane and not… Read more »


Yo Gabba Gabba: surely a gateway drug

So this post was written (and meant to be published) before we flew today, but because I apparently couldn’t tell the difference between am and pm when I published this, it is now being published while we’re flying. It’s like I’m speaking to you from the past… OoOoOoOoOo… trippy. ~~~~~~ This is just an assumption,… Read more »


on being (f)unemployed

Last week DanO gave his boss his letter of resignation. Without getting into details, I will just say that you cannot insult your employee’s wife’s ability to be a good mother and expect there to be no consequences. Yes, you read that correctly. (::waves hi to DanO’s former employer who reads this blog::) But you… Read more »