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solids and a (pretty) place to eat them

About a year ago now I was busy perusing the aisles of Babies R Us creating our baby registry (the idea of which I was fully morally opposed to at the beginning but ended up being a really good thing to have). I was overwhelmed by the amount of offensively primary colored baby holding apparatuses… Read more »


why the crib sucks more*

*Actually, there’s no exception or note for that statement, just did it in the interest of parallel structure. He was totally out, passed the limb test and everything. We weren’t taking any chances on that “set him down partially awake” business. That has never worked for us. So, one soundly sleeping baby in my arms… Read more »


why co-sleeping sucks*

*for our family (in the interest of political correctness) How do you do it? You, you wonderful, lovely reader whose blood boiled upon reading the title of this post. HOW DO YOU DO IT?! “Them’s fighting words, AllisonO” I know but it is such a mystery to me how people do this every night and… Read more »