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sister wife

Four hands are betther than two, right? Auntie A has been visiting for a few weeks and O Heavens it has made uhm, pretty much everything easier. I take showers on a regular basis these days. I know. I have a workout partner, an extra pair of stroller driving hands, a conversation , a sus-chef,… Read more »


cheating on moby

There’s a new wrap in my life. That reminds me, why am I never happy with my hair length? Meet my Hotsling. I remember seeing these $50 pieces of fabric when I was registering for all things baby and thinking “yea, no.” So my $35 Moby and I really hit it off, allowing us to… Read more »


“maybe he’s…

…tired” …cold” …burpy” …hungry” …wet” …bored” …cramped” …gassy” …hot” …uncomfortable” …dirty” …pooping” Parenting an infant is experimentation based on hypotheses.


i get it

This post will be complete and unashamed honesty, although it will be hard to share. So much so that as these thoughts were running through my head while laying awake at 6am, I got out of bed to write this post. I will likely regret that decision later, but if you’ve ever felt the pull… Read more »