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the never-ever-thought-i’d-says

{This kid, man. He keeps me on my toes.} We don’t lick the computer. No, there’s no Daddy milk in Daddy’s nipples. Please keep your finger out of your bottom. Pearl doesn’t like it when you use your hammer on her. You’re right, if you went outside without pants on, your pee pee would get… Read more »



I can’t even say the word g-r-a-p-e-s in my own house. Well, I can’t say that in my own house if I don’t have anything with which to back it up. (Pardon me for still ending that sentence with a preposition, but ‘up with which to back it’ just sounds pretentious.) If I were to… Read more »


parenting dilemma

If you catch your child doing a ‘no-no’, that is, standing on a chair, do you discipline him? And what if┬áthat child caught standing on a chair was doing it in order to reach, let’s say, his Bible. What then? Then, if you’re anything like me, you are so proud that you take a picture… Read more »