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toddler hide and seek

Goes something like this: Look out! Imma… gunna… getchu! :: eruption of laughter :: (Not that I really could climb under the dining room table and ‘get’ him given the present state of my 32 weeks pregnant body… but he doesn’t know that.)


cloth diapers or bust.

I have an epic wetting toddler. Aren’t they all epic wetting?, you might ask. I’m sure toddlers in general produce plenty of wet diapers the globe-’round, but I have reason to believe that DanO and I hath borne a particularly large-bladdered boy. 5:40am yesterday, OBaby is awake. And unhappy. I discover that the unhappiness is… Read more »


yep, still hard

(Tell me you did NOT just think ‘TWSS’. Shame. And if you didn’t, well, now you did.) We are seeing the emergence of really big, really intense, really hard to recover from toddler frustration. Just these last few weeks OBaby’s tantrums have started to be capital t Tantrums. Today it was taking his toothbrush away… Read more »