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deeper family with a tender heart

Well, I guess we should just out with it. Conversations of “we should have a third” have begun in O My Family, but much like last time, there is a shadow looming. I wrote about it today over on A Deeper Family. Join me and my tender heart over there?


loving being a mama

I posted a picture of the boys walking with the wagon down our street. The cursor didn’t blink long waiting for me to type a photo description; I simply wrote exactly what I was feeling. Then, I put my phone back in my pocket and walked on, taking in the cool fall air and the… Read more »


a breakthrough

I have been scared, friends. Nervous, anxious, panicky,¬†scared. This week I will be flying to Nashville for 5 days of BlissDom, an awesome social media conference… with my 9 month old baby boy. When I bought my ticket and flights, I felt brave and empowered.¬†Look at me, blogging world, I’m so dedicated to breastfeeding, babywearing,… Read more »


something we don’t really talk about

I don’t remember what day it was, or even what month, but I do know it was sometime during the dark, cold winter of 2009. The snow and the ice heaped their weight on top of my already unbearable load of new motherhood. It got dark early, both outside and in my heart. The date… Read more »