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unfalling the sky

{photo credit} There’s this thing that happens when my postpartum depression hits: The sky starts falling. I’m not a perfect mother and most days I can laugh about that, about the cookie my son found on the counter and I let him eat despite the fact that it was 8:00am. About the drawer of my… Read more »


a story of regret and redemption

It’s midnight or 2 am or maybe 3, I don’t know. All I know is this is ridiculous. I look down at my first born son, mere weeks, months old, crying and flailing, latching and unlatching, and I groan out a sigh. Loud and heavy I sigh and I hope the air leaving my lungs… Read more »


on triggers and the continuum of better

Most days I think about my postpartum depression and anxiety maybe twice. Both of them usually in relation to this sweet baby and how I will not let myself go without help again if my depression flares up after he is born. They are fleeting thoughts, but they are thoughts I need to have to… Read more »


on having another

“You can handle it,” He whispered into my soul “Because I can handle it through you.” To be honest I’m not sure I fully believe Him, even now. I tell myself that it’s hard enough with one. That things are just getting easier, why am I messing that up? That I’m not cut out for… Read more »