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I just think we should be honest

Hi friends. I want to share some things with you, do you mind? These aren’t cute toddler antics or crazy home renovation project things. These are hard things. We don’t talk about them often enough things. Tricky, everyone has a different perspective things. Well, here we go. I use a service provided by Google to… Read more »


by all means, let Him work miracles.

***Please know that I acknowledge the validity of multiple aspects of this topic, including the real danger of over-diagnosis and also the miracle of healing without the use of prescription medication. But, I feel that I need to give this perspective voice because someone may need to hear it. I want you to hear this. You, you right there… Read more »


proof that I am in a better place

Anxiety is no mother’s friend. Even before my hormones and brain chemistry didn’t know what to do with themselves postpartum, I tended toward the worrisome. But then when a 7lb 11oz chunk of my heart came forth from my womb one day last July, I loomed on the edge of paralysis by fear. Every cry,… Read more »