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the ‘are you guys done?’ question

Three babies. Four years. It’s been quite the streak. We have always wanted a family. Our senior year of college (for which we were married) I used to joke with DanO about dropping out and just making babies. Mostly joking. Sorta not joking. Not really joking. We were quite pregnant on our second anniversary and… Read more »


how she arrived

Her birth was a joy equal to the agony of waiting 41 weeks and 2 days for her. The weekend before she was born I had a Come To Jesus breakthrough about trying too hard to go into labor. I realized that I couldn’t simultaneously be constantly striving, trying different ‘methods’ to start my labor AND… Read more »


just cooking along.

{This picture is from last weekend at 37 weeks. I am 38 weeks 1 day today. I’d get up and take another one, were it not for the whole “get up” part.} Raise your hand if you are checking back here mostly to see if I’ve gone into labor yet. Be honest. Birth is so tricky, isn’t… Read more »


neck deep in the emotional weeds

I’ve reached that point again. I always say I’d rather give birth nine times over a nine-month span than be pregnant. This mantra comes and goes from my conscious thought throughout the first two thirds of a pregnancy. Then I hit the third trimester and the momnesia clears. O, that’s right. I really, really dislike… Read more »