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the gender reveal

On the day of our 20 week ultrasound for gummybear, we had plans to go over to O My In-Laws’ for dinner and somehow reveal the baby’s gender. So, that morning I made some completely natural, organic, from-scratch cupcakes (read: from a box) and left them out to cool while we went to the ultrasound… Read more »


the one about pregnancy hormones

I could not start this post with anything other than: My poor, sweet, patient, long-suffering husband. The emotional roller-coaster of pregnancy. It has started. I remember last time when I was pregnant with OBaby, my once-a-day cries were sometimes (ok often) for no reason and were almost predictable. The last few weeks you could set your watch… Read more »


the only “bump” I will be talking about today

That? Is my bump at 15 weeks. This? Was my bump last time at 22 weeks. GAH! SEE?!?! I told you I look embarrassingly pregnant! (I should also apologize for the impossibly messy front hallway behind me in the current picture. It’s winter here in Minnesota, which means we have coats and boots up to our blue Swedish eyeballs…… Read more »