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peeking out to say hello

Not the baby. Me. No peeking on the baby’s part for a very long time, thankyouverymuch. (ok, so like, a month.) A quick update on our ultrasound last Friday: All is well in placenta land. We needed it to measure 3cm away, and it was 13cm. THIRTEEN! The technician quickly saw that everything measured fine,… Read more »


sheetrock and my placenta

Do you think the title of this post is some sort of cosmic first? I mean, have those words EVER been paired before? And so cavalierly? I guess maybe they have come accidentally stumbling from someone’s lips in a conversation I can’t really imagine? But typed out and previewed then published the whole interwebs to see, has it ever… Read more »


consider this your warning

I woke up to quite a surprise last weekend. Before I go any further, I feel like it’s time for an official disclosure to you, my friends and readers (who are friends I just haven’t met yet), especially those of you who are… ahem… male. I’m pregnant. Quite so, actually. And at the end of… Read more »


ok, ok, the 32 weeks belly

It’s funny. I am quite pregnant, and although my body reminds me of that fact on a regular basis, I don’t feel as pregnant as I felt at this point last time. Maybe that’s because around this time with OBaby I was thinking “I couldn’t possibly get any bigger” and this time I know I… Read more »