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birth choices of the ‘off-the-deep-end’ variety

I’m telling you, one day I woke up and BOOM was in my third trimester with GummyBear. Suddenly it got real. Lots of stuff got real – the idea of parenting two, the physical strains of pregnancy, needing to finish the upstairs remodel – but mostly it became very real to me that I would… Read more »


at long last, the bump

My sweet friend Johanna pointed out to me recently that despite the fact that O My Family was named Best Pregnancy Blog by, there has been a decided lack of pregnancy bump pictures around here. It’s shameful, and it’s true. (But not as shameful as how infrequently I have been to my pre-natal appointments… Read more »


on triggers and the continuum of better

Most days I think about my postpartum depression and anxiety maybe twice. Both of them usually in relation to this sweet baby and how I will not let myself go without help again if my depression flares up after he is born. They are fleeting thoughts, but they are thoughts I need to have to… Read more »