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on having another

“You can handle it,” He whispered into my soul “Because I can handle it through you.” To be honest I’m not sure I fully believe Him, even now. I tell myself that it’s hard enough with one. That things are just getting easier, why am I messing that up? That I’m not cut out for… Read more »


when your uterus knows, it just knows.

Muscle memory is a powerful thing, folks. When I was pregnant with OBaby (who we then called Nugget) my body was like “Pssssst, Uterus. Make thee way for a behbeh.” and my uterus was all “O? What’s that? How does one do that?” (because my uterus uses the impersonal pronoun “one” in regular conversation). There… Read more »



“Looks like May 11th” she said, as she rotated her monitor so that we could see. And there on the screen were those little nubbin arms and legs, already formed. Already being knit together for the last several weeks, unbeknownst to me. “You are just over 7 weeks.” There was a flutter right in the… Read more »