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in a hospital, naturally

Writing posts like this make my hands sweat. I have an opinion. I am going to voice it. I might not word it soft enough to not offend someone. I might not have all of the information. I might come from an entirely different perspective than you. I am going to voice it anyway. ~~~~~~… Read more »


365 days of love

I rolled over and cracked one eye open to peek at the time on DanO’s alarm clock. 5:14am There could not have been a more in between time. It was Saturday, and any time before 5 would have been absurd, but it was after 5:00. It was within the range of questionably reasonable times to… Read more »


in the eighteenth hour

Because Nugget arriving before my laundry room walls were robin’s egg blue was entirely unthinkable. True to form, DanO’s family swept in and met our need this evening, inching DanO closer to the finish line in The Great Laundry Room Race of 2009. Around 7 o’clock this evening, three ready and able helpers arrived to… Read more »


the spu to my moni

While I’m wandering around the house looking for things to alphabetize, DanO is rapidly conquering the basement. Then, when he emerges from the basement, like so: (Sorry for the blur. Would you believe me if I told you that he never stands still? Like, ever?) I swoon. His forearms covered in sheet rock dust get… Read more »