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encouragement brought to you by Life Verse Design

Hey friends! I just wanted to share some beautiful and inspiring art with you this morning. Aren’t they lovely? This is a taste of Life Verse Design‘s prints which would make wonderful gifts for friends and family (and for yourself). I’m excited to tell you that now through the end of October, Life Verse Design… Read more »


O look, there’s that shirt again.

But this time in white. I know, I have totally outdone myself with outfit originality this week. And in case you were curious… Costco. I got the shirts at Costco. I am only slightly not embarrassed at all to admit that some of my favorite pieces of clothing ever have come from Costco, and I… Read more »


O My CBC Week: the wardrobe

I remember when I got the email from the coordinators of The Casual Blogger Conference in February? March? (clearly I don’t remember that well) that asked me to be a part of the Faith in Blogging Panel (FBP in the house!) and while my first thought was: ‘ME?!?!?!?’, my second followed quickly thereafter and was:… Read more »


the fuss about Guss

I’m not a product reviewer, y’all know that. I don’t just sing praises of products that are offered to me and in exchange sell my soul content. On the other hand, when I find something that I love I will absolutely blog about it. That is the case with my Gussy. Maggie Whitely, AKA {GUSSY}… Read more »