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my own economic stimulus

I’m feeling slightly shallow today. Here’s why: Meet my new Mac. It all started one sunny Friday evening when OBaby was napping and I had just published a quick little 200th post. I closed my laptop and set it on the coffee table as usual. Before we left to go visit with O My In-Laws,… Read more »


pro bono

Uncle Sam gave me a day off of work today, and I wanted to pay his generosity forward somehow.¬†¬† I cannot grant you a holiday from work or children or basement remodels, but I can give you some happiness in the form of responding to questions. Specifically, questions about the jitter-inducing iced chai that I… Read more »



I bought this soap last week at Target for twice what I’ve ever paid for hand soap before. 20% of it was because of how good it smells – green tea and aloe. Yum! I feel like Mary Catherine Gallagher, smelling my hands all the time. The other 80% was for the packaging.¬† The beautiful… Read more »