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oh baby do we love to shop!

I can’t help but take a quick stroll through the aisles of the baby section of every target in which I set foot. We’ve also spent an awful lot of time researching bigger ticket baby items online lately. Alright, so we might be getting a little ahead of ourselves, but we spent some time (like,… Read more »


love, loyalty, and mascara

Yesterday, for the first time in 9 years, I bought a different kind of mascara. Not a different brand – I’m not that crazy – just a different kind. I have used the same exact toothpaste – same brand and flavor – without wavering in 7 years. It’s Crest Expressions, Vanilla, in case you were… Read more »


shopping in naperville

What better way is there to spend a day without classes? “Forget love! I’d rather fall in chocolate” So true. “Wine is bottled poetry” I didn’t get the memo. Special thanks to: Sur la Table, for being the most amazing store ever.