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the Word

It seems like every single day DanO and I have a moment where we realize ‘Whoa. OBaby understands that.’ A word we use here and there in conversation, the way he wipes everything when we hand him a paper towel, that groceries go in the kitchen when we get home from the store, how he… Read more »


dude. 600th post.

To commemorate this occasion (that I didn’t even realize was an occasion until I opened this browser to write), I share with you: The sheer genius of my child, reading some Eric Carle to himself at 18 months old. Notice how he associates the words with the pages being open? How he speaks, pauses to… Read more »


we’re laughing with, not at him

We’ve been practicing a new word around here in preparation for May, but every.single.time. I try to catch it on film OBaby plays dumb. This time I  got about half of the word at the beginning of recording, and then at one point a little later I’m pretty sure he said it while burying his… Read more »