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OBaby’s first vlog (O, and a giveaway)

It’s rainy and yucky out. OBaby and I are inside and bored, so we decided to vlog. I need to apologize in advance for the poor framing throughout… pretty much right below where you can see, I’m working to keep OBaby from knocking off the computer the entire time (which would explain the ending) so… Read more »


O My Home Tour

Hi friends. I’d love to have you over to my house for a bit. Won’t you come in? The Twitter Home Tour was born when a bunch of bloggers were talking on twitter about home decor and thought, hey! How fun would it be to see each other’s houses? This isn’t an invite-only thing, so… Read more »


for you, for humpday

This video is, sadly, 2 months old now, but I don’t care and I’m sharing it anyway. Like Snickers, it is guaranteed to satisfy. (Name that 90’s song reference!) When I look into my future, I see copious amounts of man grunting, à la Tim Allen in Home Improvement.