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No, I didn’t make that word up. As we prepare to get the keys to the house in a little over two weeks (oh, did I mention we moved the closing date up a week?), I find myself thinking about how crazy and amazing this all is. I know it’s just a house, and a… Read more »


the iniquity of us all

I have been part of the drama ministry at our church for about a year now, and it usually involves taking on a character, either contemporary or biblical (Mary at Christmastime) and acting out a scene or sketch that relates to the sermon. The Good Friday service tomorrow is different, and it will be difficult…. Read more »


un. certainty.

Never in my life have I felt like God has said “no.” to my plans more loudly or more profoundly. Plan 1: I absolutely love children – playing with them, talking to them, teaching them. So I go into the field of elementary education, get a degree and a certification for teaching grades K-8 and… Read more »