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peeled back

Friends, I pulled up so much old flooring this weekend that I can hardly see straight. There was the faux wood that the most recent owners had put down (which, hi. Why would you put down fake wood next to real, beautiful original wood? You’re not going to fool anyone.), below that was a layer… Read more »


most unexpectedly

Good morning! Welcome to the table. Won’t you sit and sip some chai with me? Today I’m hosting part of the Gathered Thoughts Link Party for my lovely friends at Love Feast Table. Here is my ‘gathered thought’ prompt: most unexpectedly Motherhood is a series of lost and found blessings. The blessing of carrying a… Read more »


a breakthrough

I have been scared, friends. Nervous, anxious, panicky,¬†scared. This week I will be flying to Nashville for 5 days of BlissDom, an awesome social media conference… with my 9 month old baby boy. When I bought my ticket and flights, I felt brave and empowered.¬†Look at me, blogging world, I’m so dedicated to breastfeeding, babywearing,… Read more »


a dye job and tears

We had bounced around the idea of a box highlighting kit, DanO and I. If we are going to get serious about kicking our student loan debt where it hurts, my 3-4x a year highlight appointments were one of the first things on the chopping block. And you know what? I really was ok with… Read more »