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a cafe, a latte, a friend

{photo credit} Both hands free, no little feet traipsing behind me, no little heads to check are clear of it’s swing – I open the door. They’re home, all of them, and I’m here and good grief this is liberating. I eye the cake display. I debate between the lemon blueberry cheese cake and a red velvet… Read more »


from above

I watch their days mostly from above them. I lean over his crib and tuck the blanket up around his frogged legs, from above he takes up a humorously small area of his mattress. I walk into the play room where he is crouched over a recycling truck making sound effects, loading and unloading the… Read more »


the swing of life

Excuse me while I wax theological on a Thursday morning. Sometimes I feel like all of life hinges on a pendulum that swings between good and bad. There are times when things all crash down at once, the world and it’s troubles open up and swallow you whole. My senior year of high school. My parents’ divorce…. Read more »