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Christmas, but different.

Spoiler alert: If you are part of O My Extended Family, you may want to avert your eyes from this post, it contains details and teasers of your Christmas gifts. You have been warned. This year, our Christmas “present” budget was less than $100 for roughly 18 family members – parents, siblings, and siblings’ significant… Read more »


today I have

Today, I have used words I regret. yelled words I regret. been less than gentle. lost my temper. been impatient. wished I were elsewhere. been less than understanding. given rough touches. cried. been ungrateful. served myself first. shown apathy. seen my blessings as burdens. been discontent. felt bitter. failed. ~~~~~~ a Father who forgives me,… Read more »


on having another

“You can handle it,” He whispered into my soul “Because I can handle it through you.” To be honest I’m not sure I fully believe Him, even now. I tell myself that it’s hard enough with one. That things are just getting easier, why am I messing that up? That I’m not cut out for… Read more »