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there’s always more

I took Old Testament class twice in college. I may have failed it the first time around. How that for a true confession for ya? I FAILED A BIBLE CLASS AND GOD STILL LOVES ME. (This is why I could never pull off that holier than thou persona.) Anyway, to the three of you who… Read more »


by all means, let Him work miracles.

***Please know that I acknowledge the validity of multiple aspects of this topic, including the real danger of over-diagnosis and also the miracle of healing without the use of prescription medication. But, I feel that I need to give this perspective voice because someone may need to hear it. I want you to hear this. You, you right there… Read more »


be still and know

OBaby used to start the day slowly, in a cuddling mood, groggy and warmed from the inside by breastmilk. We would lay in bed and snuggle the morning away. At some point I would pull out OBaby’s Bible and read a story or two from it. I loved starting our days like this. These days… Read more »