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medifast: let’s do this thing.

Exactly a month ago, I threw in the towel. I was less than a week from hopping on a plane bound for the literal opposite side of the world to see things my heart couldn’t fathom and my head couldn’t compute. Stress compounded upon stress and I felt like the proverbial camel must feel as… Read more »


152, but a delicious 152

O man, that feels good to look at. I refuse to give up. Slowly but surely, I am losing weight. A pound a week with Medifast nursing mothers’ plan, I carry on. Every ding dang day. I run less lately, for a few reasons. One is that it is friggin’ hot out, and even if… Read more »


the same three pounds

Whoops. And not like a little whoopsie daisie. More like an ‘O crap, what was I thinking?’. I told you last week that I was feeling tempted to give up at this weight. To call it a day. To tell my body and its desire to stay in the mid 150s that hey, you win…. Read more »