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about that one time that we were spontaneous and I do an ugly cry but it all turns out ok thanks to the interwebs

It’s Thursday at 1:00. The blur of first birthday stuff, family guests, and news segment prep were finally starting to clear. DanO calls me from work. “Hey, I think we should drive down to Chicago tomorrow.” (And those of you who just panicked that we’re rubbing elbows with the NATO protests, no worries. When we… Read more »


a cafe, a latte, a friend

{photo credit} Both hands free, no little feet traipsing behind me, no little heads to check are clear of it’s swing – I open the door. They’re home, all of them, and I’m here and good grief this is liberating. I eye the cake display. I debate between the lemon blueberry cheese cake and a red velvet… Read more »