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a coming of age tale

When I think about how much has changed for me in the last 5 years, I have to laugh. My first day of college, 2004 ¬¨¬©Papa Rabe And not just because I paid $65 dollars for those jeans from Abercrombie and Fitch that were meant to look old. Look at 18 year old me, rockin’… Read more »


tis the season

To graduate. We can’t wait to make it official, and to have our families here to witness it! Here’s our whirlwind weekend schedule: Friday, May 9th:morning: -pick up fruit arrangement for Saturday’s partyafternoon: -my parents arrive from Portland -commencement rehearsal -go pick up cake for Saturday’s partynight: -dinner with my parents Saturday, May 10th:morning:-get ready… Read more »


dancing in a strobe light

I kept telling myself that when the weather warmed up I would start running again, but, then I remembered that I live in the Midwest. So, I finally stopped kidding myself and in the last few weeks, Mr. Treadmill and I have become pretty good friends. However, I’ve noticed this psychological hurdle that I have… Read more »