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capturing water

{{Remember┬áthis from last year? KNOCK IT OFF, TIME. LEAVE MAH BEBEHS ALONE.}} O, look! It IS summer. There was that one 104┬░ day, but since then it’s been pretty gloom and doom around here. I was beginning to question my internal calendar. Kind of like I did in April when it was snowing. (non-native Minnesotan… Read more »


yet another use for cheerios

I made the unfortunate mistake of leaving the last few cheerios in the bag, left open while we were out of town for a week. They turned all kinds of stale. Thankfully, we have someone around who knows just what to do with an almost empty bag of stale multi-grain cheerios. {wait, am i really… Read more »


O the irony

You can give the kid as many American-made wooden toys as you can reasonably justify, and he will still prefer to play with the plastic Naked Juice bottle. ~~~~~~ Part of You Capture: your best shot hosted by Beth of Folding Laundry.



It’s the color of the sweater I wore on our third anniversary date last week. It’s the color of the twelve roses he brought me. It’s the color of friendship. (I’m so glad he humored me and let me set an auto-timer to take our picture.) (I’m even more glad he’s my friend.) ~~~~~~ Part… Read more »