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you capture – quiet

Monday brought me a feverish, snuggly baby, much like two weeks ago. I wore him as he slept and cuddled and cuddled and slept. I didn’t much feel like getting anything done, either. For most of the day we walked around the [quiet] house sipping tea, looking out the windows, passing time. Passing [quiet] time…. Read more »


you capture your winter

The last 6 years have meant a total redefining of winter. First, moving from Oregon to Chicago 6 years ago meant HOLYCRAPTHELAKESFREEZE, along with eleventy bajillion other things that I’d never seen happened between December and March before (read: feet upon feet of yucky, dirty, gray snow lining the streets). But this year, winter has… Read more »


you capture a story

There once was a restaurant called Mo’s. They made the best New England clam chowder known to man. [side note: I did not know there was such a thing as non-New England clam chowder until I went to college.] I would eat Mo’s chowder everyday if it weren’t for the unfortunate fact that they’re only… Read more »