O My Second Birthday Bash!

OBoy’s SECOND birthday is fast approaching, and because the very thought of him being two whole years old makes me want to cry, I’ve decided to do an all-out bloggy bash to fend off the tears! (Ok, I’ll probably still cry. A little.)

I am gathering product giveaways and promotions for an online birthday celebration the week of July 18-22nd. A giveaway on O My Family will land your business prominently at the top of a site that receives an average of 1,500+ views daily and in over 1,300 RSS subscription feeds.

But also important, you’ll be helping celebrate two entire years of O My Cuteness:


Interested in driving traffic to your shop by being involved in OBoy’s Second Birthday Bash?

There is a small $10 fee to cover the blood sweat and tears on my own part.

(Did you know that last year’s bash was SO WILD AND AWESOME that we stayed up until 1am to switch servers for this site because we crashed the old one? O yea, we know how to party. And work. Lots and lots of work.)

Here’s what I need from you: An email  sent to omyfamilyblog[@]gmail.com with the following information:

1. What is your shop/business? Please include a link! Are there other ways besides a shop site to get information about your shop? A personal blog? Twitter? Please include any contact links you would like included in the giveaway post.

2. To what email address can I send an invoice? All invoicing is done through paypal.

3. How would you like to participate? By offering O My Family readers a shop credit? A product giveaway? Any other celebratory act your little heart desires? [$30 minimum value]

4. Pictures to include in the promotion post. Please attach images or include the code. Make them cute! We like cute.

OBoy is quite excited to be turning two, and he would love to have you on the ‘guest list’!